About BFIT

The Federation was formed in 1990 by a small group of practising triathletes who were attracted to a sport which was virtually new to the world and even newer to Barbados and the Caribbean at that time.

The name of the Federation, BFIT (“be fit”), was selected as it fittingly described the three disciplines of triathlon: swimming, biking and running.

The Federation caters to all age group athletes, including children, and welcomes newcomers to our races which are always a lot of fun!

Our triathlons are designed to cater to all levels. They suit both the recreational to the more dedicated triathletes, individuals and teams, as well as newcomers and fun-sun seekers who want to have a great time in Barbados. The Federation is available as a source of information for nutrition, training and racing aspects of the sport.

We are proud to be hosts of triathlons for international, regional, and local triathletes and look forward to the day we can qualify our own triathlete in the Olympics!